Remix/Authorship Project

Remix/Authorship Project

Create a remix using materials (text, video, images, audio, film, found objects, or mixed media) that already exist out there in the world. In other words, this remix will be comprised of quotations of a sort—it will be composed NEARLY entirely of the work of others. Your task is to remix these materials and present them in a way that transforms (radically revises) the authors’ original ideas. In other words, you need to ask yourself, “how could I combine/edit/revise these materials in a way that enables me to say something new?” You may include “original” material ideas, but minimally. This should be primarily a fun, exploratory project, but it should also show thoughtful meaning-making and careful use of media/technology. Length isn’t a useful metric here; however, I will judge effort and have a keen sense of the difference between “thrown together” and productive work.

Write a 1-2 page polished reflective statement in which you explain your own composing process as an author, as well as what you want the audience to take away from your piece. You are being asked to write from both a producer’s and a consumer’s point of view here. It should address questions such as: What effects does my remix have on the viewer/reader/listener/user? What potential meaning(s) might the audience make or take away from this remix? What rhetorical choices did the author (you) use to create these effects? Where are your original sources from and what was their original meaning/purpose? How have you manipulated these original sources? How has the meaning/purpose of the original sources been transformed through your act of remixing? You are also encouraged to incorporate quotations about revision from the readings we’ve discussed throughout the semester. Please don’t simply answer these questions one by one. It may be productive to write as much as you can on each question, then figure out how to arrange them, what to cut, add, dig deeper into, etc.

Project and Reflection DUE 9/17.

Remix/Authorship Project

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