Digital Freelance Piece

For this assignment, you will find an multiple-author online magazine or blog that covers a specific topic, issue, or hobby/activity that interests you. Your end goal is to develop content for the magazine; however, you’ll want to take a couple of steps before you do:

1). Read at least 10-12 of the existing published pieces and get a concrete feel for the level of discourse displayed by the authors. How much jargon do they employ? How technical or approachable is the content? Is it humorous or serious? Authoritative or amateur? Develop a working style journal (essentially, a list of notes and observations about the existing writing modeled by the current publication).

2). Find and read the submissions guidelines for the magazine. [If the site does not include submissions guidelines, I encourage you to find another site. However, we may be able to make some exceptions.]

3.) Construct an informal specification sheet, based on your observations and the submissions guidelines. How long should the article be? Who is the audience (what do they know, not know, want to know)? What kinds of topics/titles might you be able to offer?

Then you’re ready to begin drafting your freelance piece.

Deliverables for this assignment:

  1. Informal spec sheet
  2. Confirmation email/screen shot of your submission
  3. Article you’ve written

Drafts DUE Thursday 10/1 (Note change from original calendar).

REVISIONS + other deliverables DUE 10/8.

Twist Collective

Trail Runner Magazine


Drunken Boat


Digital Freelance Piece

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