Work for Tuesday 10/13

1. Read the  Team Writing Document.
2. “Meet” with your team members — you may do this physically or via electronic means (email, phone, etc).
3. Establish a plan and timeline to get at least 3 creatives photographed and biographied. Begin with the resources of your group and decide who will contact whom (and how — an initial contact email to the participants should be collaboratively written and used by the whole group in some fashion). If your group needs suggestions for artists to contact, send me an email.
4. Establish roles for each team member. You may use the roles suggested in the team writing document, or you may come up with alternative delegations based on your team’s plan. Communications director, layout manager, copyeditor, etc. Everyone should know what the expectations are for them to complete the project.


Your first Team Memo is due to me with an informational plan/progress report. From this memo, I should understand your team’s timeline for completing the tasks set out in the project assignment sheet.

**I understand that I am asking you to take a lot of independent responsibility for the work you’ll be doing for this project. Please know that this is intentional on my part. If, at any time, your team needs additional support (contact artists, developing interview questions, etc) please let me know and I am happy to collaborate with you.***

Work for Tuesday 10/13

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