In-class work for Thursday 10/30: Digital Media Project

DMP Assignment Sheet

DMP Rubric

Sample Past DMP Projects:

Note, not all of these projects are A-grade or professional quality; however, this list gives a range of options/ideas to help you decide on the kind of project you’d like to do.

Grants and Resources

White Rose Barbell Club

Deer Road Lodge

Little Anthony’s Pizzeria

YCP Writing Center

Scribbles and Scraps

In-class work for Thursday 10/30: Digital Media Project

Basic Design Principles In-class Workshop

Download and have open Robin Williams’s Basic Visual Design Principles

For each website, evaluate the design (limit your evaluation to the front page). Is it an example of good or bad design? Explain your evaluation with the language from Williams’s handout. A few substantial sentences should do it for each site. In addition, determine whether you believe the site to built on a template or not. Be ready to share your findings with the class.